What is That XML Icon For?

The little XML icon badge shows that you can subscribe to the news published on this site. This is a link to a special type of XML file called an RSS feed, which is short for Really Simple Syndication.

A special application, called a News Aggregator, is used to subscribe to this feed. Your aggregator checks our site periodically for updates. When we update, you see it. You get the news when it's ready.

News Aggregators?

You can find a bunch here, but these are a couple that we particularly like...

Mac OS X

  • NetNewsWire
    NetNewsWire: More news, less junk. Faster
  • Radio UserLand
    This site is edited with Radio UserLand, the first personal Web Application server for Windows and Macintosh.



Manila used here at actually has a News Aggregator built-in. Here's an example of a few industry feeds we subscribe to, which should give you a feel for the value of this technology.

Syndicate With Us!

This ability to publish news items is available as a standard feature on all Manila hosted accounts available here at Take a look at our Services page for details on our offerings, and feel free to contact us at or leave feedback

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